We take the worry out of home comfort. With an AIR~QUARIUS standard Heat Pump, you can glide effortlessly through a long, extended swimming season without giving your pool heating system a second thought.

High efficiency saves you money. With a SEER rating of up to 13 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), AIR~QUARIUS offers the unbeatable combination of energy efficiency and lower operating costs. The higher the SEER, the greater the energy efficiency.
Whether you use your pool for exercise, therapy or just for fun. AIR-QUARIUS will ensure a comfortable and inviting water temperature all year round without huge running expenses.
Enjoy the comfort of a warm pool all year round. The AIR-QUARIUS Heat Pump utilizes the heat and humidity in the air to heat your pool in a highly efficient manner. This free solar energy is converted to usable heat for your pool as it is drawn into the heat pump over the evaporator (heat collector). It is then intensified as it passes through the compressor and is transferred to the pool water by the condenser (heat exchanger).
This entire process is efficient and economical. A minimum or small amount of electricity is required. For every unit of electricity, five or six units of heat are produced. Because of this, AIR-QUARIUS Heat Pumps has an operating cost, which is substantially less than other forms of heating.